Slidejoy app review: Is Slidejoy a scam or a legit?

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If you’re looking 100% honest and unbiased Slidejoy app review you came to the right place!


Because I’m not affiliated with Slidejoy in any shape or form and I’m not getting any single penny from them to write this review.

My ultimate goal of this review is to show you if Slidejoy is worth of your time and if it really pays money.

Also I made a video review about Slidejoy app. So if you not interested to read blog posts. You can click on my review below and watch it in few minutes.

Slidejoy App Review

Name: SlideJoy


Type: Money Making App

Income Potential: Pocket Money ( $2-$5/month)

What’s Slidejoy App?

Slidejoy is a mobile money making app that currently working only on android devices and it claims that will pay you some extra cash online just for unlocking your phone.

SlideJoy App Review: Get paid to unlock your phone

First off, I want to be very clear. It’s easy to use but with this app you will not be making hundreds of dollars with this.

I’ve seen Slidejoy members make roughly around $2-$5 dollars per month. So if you’re interested to make that amount of money a month. Then you will love this app.

How Does SlideJoy App Work?

As I said Slidejoy is very easy to use. First, all you need to do is to go on your google play and install this app on your mobile device

Once this app is installed on your device you will be seeing ads on your lock screen after you unlock your phone.

What I like about Slidejoy is that you don’t even need to click and interact with the ads. You can unlock your phone as you normally do.

And for that you still be earning points that later can exchange into rewards.

Slidejoy ads on phone lockscreen

Slidejoy ad on phone lockscreen

Here’s few options that you can do:

  • Swipe Left to Learn More
  • Swipe Up To See A New Ad
  • Swipe Right To Dismiss and Unlock Your Phone

After using it for a few days you will be seeing how much you earned.

Small tip: Don’t try to hack Slidejoy and don’t unlock your phone over and over again.

What I heard from other members is that who unlock their phone normally throughout the day gets more points than those people who tries to hack the system.

How Does SlideJoy App Pay?

As I said in the beginning for seeing ads on your lock screen you will be earning points that’s called “karats”.

Later these “karats” you can exchange into a rewards or real cash.

1000 karat points = $1.

A good thing is that minimal threshold is only $2. So this means you need to collect 2000 karat points to get a reward.

Slidejoy provides you with various additional redemption options to make money or receive gift cards. PayPal redemptions, Gift Card, Google Play Gift Card, Walmart, Starbucks and more.

My favourite one is getting money through paypal, because you will be getting real money that you can spend buying whatever you want.

Payments are made on the 15th of each month.

Slidejoy Reviews & Complaints

Currently there’s 95 thousand reviews on their app in google play. I picked most reliable ones that provides most helpful user experience feedback from previous or current users of Slidejoy app..

Check them out below.

It seems that a lot of people is not to happy of Slidejoy updates and they not really recommend using this app nowadays. Because it has to many bugs.

Conclusion: Is Slidejoy a scam or a legit app?

Slidejoy is not a scam. In my opinion is not worth your time, because earning potential is to low. In best case $2-$5 a month.

But don’t get me wrong Slidejoy is not a scam. They definitely pays money to people.

So if you’re interested to make few extra buck per month. You can use it this app.

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I hope you enjoyed my Slidejoy app review and found something helpful.

All the best,

Paul Biveinis


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