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User testing is one of the ways to make money online and there are many different websites to work at. And Ferpection testing is one of them.

Ferpection? It definitely sounds like perfection, but is it really a perfect website for you to make money online by testing websites and apps? Well, I decided to investigate it and put everything into this post.

What is Ferpection?

Ferpection is a user testing site for digital products like websites, apps, videos and many others. It was created in 2015 somewhere in France, so it’s been on the internet for a while.

As other sites like this one, Ferpection allows creators/companies to get a feedback from real testers just like you and me. And you can become a user tester here and earn money while doing that.

How to get started?

Registration process is pretty simple.

First of all, you’ll open an account by entering your email address and password, but you can also sign up with Facebook.

After that, you have to fill more details about you like you name, date of birth and gender.

Then comes qualification test, which is kind of long but this will finish your registration process and you will earn your first 2 euros for that.

How does Ferpection Testing work?

Basically, when you’ve finished your registration process, you’ll explore sites and applications using your smartphone or tablet and identify issues such as misplaced images, poor website layouts, illegible text and other technical problems.


This allows website’s owners to make last changes and perfect their websites before releasing it to the marketplace. That’s why your feedback is very important for them and you should tell as honest opinion as you can for them.

A feedback is a screenshot with accompanying clear description. You’ll have to take screenshot of what is wrong and write a positive or negative review about your experience with Ferpection testing.

But why do they need a screenshot?

As they say on their website, it’s essential to upload a screenshot when making a feedback because it allows to have more context about your experience.

What are requirements?

To register to you have to be at least 16 years old.

They don’t mention any other requirements on their website, just a need for a smartphone as you’ll have to test applications and take screenshots, which we’ll discuss later on.

How to start taking tests with Ferpection Testing?

As a tester, you’ll receive invitations once tests that match your profile become available.

You can accept or decline a test at any time, but if you decline, this will probably decrease your chances of getting more and more tests. So keep in mind that!


If you accept it, you’ll get a brief navigation of how to carry out the test.

To complete a job you have to write a short description about your experience during the time you’ve done a test.

Your report should highlight things like as flexibility, speed, layout, if a website or an application is user-friendly and identify issues, which can be the ones I’ve mentioned before like misplaced images, technical problems etc.

A Ferpection Testing community manager will evaluate your test report before approving or returning it for a revision. You can only receive your payments when a community manager approves your report. Report approval time ranges from 5 days to 1 week.

How much can you earn at Ferpection?

The earnings are not specific, but you can expect to get 1 test every week and each of the test gives you from 5 to 10 euros.


After you gain 20 euros or more threshold, they send money to your Paypal account. Keep in mind, that 20 euros is a minimum amount to withdraw your earnings.

Payments are made in the last Friday of every month or the last day of the month via Paypal only.

Most importantly, your Ferpection account’s email address must match your Paypal account’s email that the payments would be easier to complete.

If you’ll have any questions regarding the tests you’ve made, you’re curious about the payment amount or anything related to tests, you can always send them a message as they have a great team, which will answer any question you may have.

Pros and cons of Ferpection testing


  • The company has great reputation
  • It’s free to join and participate
  • The site accepts members from all around the world
  • Qualification test pays 2 Euros
  • Payments via PayPal
  • It has a friendly support team
  • Newbie-friendly website
  • Free training and tutorials
  • No equipment required except a PC, laptop or smartphone



  • High minimum payout threshold (20 Euros)
  • Lack of tests
  • Some tests are location – based
  • Long approval times (takes 1 week to approve a test/mission report)
  • Payments are made monthly
  • Low income potential website

Ferpection Testing Final Thoughts

From what I can see, writing a feedback about your online user experience doesn’t seem to be that hard. That’s why Ferpection can be a perfect website to start making money online.

However, it’s only a side income source as you’ll only make some extra cash with it due to lack of tests.

But for those of you who don’t have any experience in user testing, this still might be a good place to start at as there are no special skills or equipment needed.

Also, this doesn’t require much of your time, so if you have a spare time, you can use it to make some extra bucks instead of scrolling through your phone.

Want To Make Full-Time Income Online?

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It’ll just waste your time. Believe me, I tried.

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I hope you enjoyed my Ferpection testing review and found something helpful.

All the best,



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